"F These Journals" Series: Your Ultimate Companion for Laughing Through Life's Ups and Downs

Embark on a journey of laughter and self-discovery with the "F These Journals" series. Each journal in this collection offers a unique and humorous perspective on the various roles and challenges we face in everyday life. From parenting to professional endeavors, these journals are your partners in finding humor amidst chaos.

Give The Gift Of Laughter and Hope!

What People are Saying...


"Navigating adult life with parents just got easier and funnier. 'F These Parents' hits the nail on the head with every page!"

Marcus Y

"Hilariously relatable! As a mom of three, 'F These Kids' had me laughing out loud and feeling understood. Every parent needs this journal!"

Emily R

"'F This Wife' is an absolute gem for husbands! It's filled with humor and love, making the everyday moments of marriage so fun."

David L

"'F This Husband' is hilariously accurate! It's my secret to keeping sane and smiling through marriage's little adventures."

Sophie T.

"This journal is a game-changer for parents. It turns the craziest days into laughable memories. Highly recommend!"

Josh S

"Perfect blend of humor and reality of parenting. 'F These Kids' is now my go-to gift for all my parent friends!"

Angela D.

"I bought this for my weekly coffee sessions with my mom. We both end up laughing at the quirks. It's brought us closer."

Lily T

"Every husband should have this. It turns marital 'misunderstandings' into something we can both laugh about."

Alex G

"Every wife needs 'F This Husband' on her nightstand. It's a humorous reflection on the joys of married life."

Lauren E

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